by Pere Salicrú

    Though the guitar is an instrument preferéntemente harmonicly, the polyphonic music acquires a special perfume in this instrument, overcoat with the music of Bach, maximum exponent of this style.
    There are small the composers who have devoted themselves to write counterpoint and still less those who have done it for guitar, with which the digest is always the same one, practically. It is enough to put in the seeker of the youtube guitar - counterpoint, or guitar - fugue, to see that the results are always the same works interpreted by different interpreters, with major or minor success (wisdom).
     It is because of it that I have encouraged to create this page, since one of my obsessions is precisely the counterpoint, and in some works to believe that I achieve the aim to, at least, extend the digest for guitar with contrapuntal flavor, accidentally with it, far from it, to compare myself with the unattainable figure of the great teacher of Leipzig.
     This way so, for those and those who, like me, enjoy these educated distractions, later I will be adding some of my works interpreted with major or minor grace for my same one, since my composer's facet reduces that of interpreter in some occasions, relaxing about the due and regular study, in few breaks that I have after the hard work of every day, since it happens to so many people...